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KC Coaching has worked with many organisations, including the NHS, AstraZeneca, Arriva, McMurdo, Campanile and Morgan Jones.  See Testimonials below:


Arriva plc, Maidstone

One day Coaching and Mentoring Skills workshop for Supervisors of Apprentices

“Easy to follow, well structured.”  Leon Hall, Engineering Technical Manager


Alison's WOW moment

I’ve just had a really massive WOW moment with Karen. 

She’s just asked me to take myself back to when I was suffering really badly with ME and remember how I felt then.

She said imagine if I were to have met me then, met the way I am now, met the person I am now, then.  How would I have felt? 

And my first reaction was inspired. 

And she said what would it have given me? 

It would have given me utter belief that I could actually be like that person.

And that was a massive WOW moment for me.  I just felt that there was a lightbulb going on in my head. 

And it’s just given me confidence in the fact that what I wanted to do with my clients, I can really do.  So that’s brilliant. 

Thank you Karen for that."  
Alison Trethewey-Smith of Just Alison 


McMurdo plc, Portsmouth

2 day workshop helping employees through time of company changes and uncertainty:

  • Providing them with knowledge and practical help to produce a great CV
  • Helping them with self-belief and confidence to look at their options
  • Practising techniques to prepare them for an interview

"A professionally designed workshop from experienced providers who understand how to help people facing a change in employment/career." Peter Stevens

“I have been on other similar workshops and this is one of the best.  It’s well structured and interactive."  Ken Mason

"Easy to understand, gave me confidence.  Simple, practical help to make a worrying time less daunting."  Lorna Beacher 

“A very positive, pro-active spin on what has otherwise been quite a difficult time for us.  I've come out of this training feeling positive and excited about applying for new jobs – Thank you".  Annika Page

"This workshop brings me on a right path to create my CV.  Gives me more confidence."  Mindaugas Sasnauskas

"Helps keep us up to date with current practices.  Helped me realise what I could do/offer, which is more than I thought".  Anna Harold 

"It will help you and give you the belief you will need to help you.  Excellent all round course and so helpful."  Terry Davison 

"Some useful information I had not even thought about".  Yve Yeo 

"The session helped me evaluated my current interviewing skills in a comfortable environment and left me with ideas about how I can adjust my approach in my next interview".  Chris Simpson

 “It has been very helpful going through the process of what to do when changing or looking for new jobs.”  Simon Murphy 

"Informative and very useful."  Karen Johnson

"I really enjoyed this session.  I have more information how to do my CV and prepare for interview."  Marta Nienaltowska 

"Thoroughly recommend this workshop if you are facing redundancy”. Jodie Smith

"Good workshop with helpful information on how to write a good CV." Shane Govan 

"Very good course which will aid your CV development.”   Mike Powell

"Very informative and helpful."  Anne Goddard

“I would recommend this workshop… particularly people who have been in same employment for many years.”  Peter Young

"Worth doing - especially interview skills, CVs."  Jean Urry

"Course was very well laid out, each part rolled well into the next.  Good atmosphere and the time passed quickly."  Lez Tomkinson

"Very informative."  Tara Murphy

"This course was very interesting, I learned a lot."  Sue Flynn 

"Very helpful and easy to understand."  Karen Goffe 

"Makes you re-evaluate your skills that you thought you never had."  Maggie Marshall



Morgan Jones, Broadstairs

One day workshop using Motivational Drivers to build Team Awareness and more effective ways of working

“This workshop proved to be highly accurate and helpful.  It was delivered in a professional but relaxed way.  Very productive in terms of helping us to work closer together.”  Hollie Marsh

“Karen’s workshop was informative, interesting and will have a positive effect with how I deal with/work with people.”  Anna Wiget

“This workshop was fascinating!  It allowed us to bond well as a team and learn about each other and ourselves.”  Rochelle Marks

“Very effective in educating us about what driver motivates us and what would help us as a team.”  Natasha Woolford

“An eye opening view of why I and we are as we are.”  Alistair Watkins

“Really useful, great coach – good understanding of motivational drivers.”  Catherine Toland

“Karen’s workshop was very informative and gave me a great understanding of motivational drivers and how they apply to me.”  Joshua Lowe

“Very informative, eye opener in terms of self-evaluation.”  Ben Sewell

“Karen’s open and low key approach encouraged delegate participation.”  Jonathan Evans

“A good insight to your own and others’ strengths and weaknesses.”  Kim Tompsett

“This has helped our team air thoughts that have been felt by many.”  Sam Todd


Campanile Dartford

One day workshop using Motivational Drivers to build Team Awareness and more effective ways of working

“A very good starting point for teams to better work together and start real effective conversations.”  Eddy Brosse, General Manager

“A good way to learn more about your colleagues.”  Alexandra Staicu

“You will learn about yourself and you can make changes in your life to make it better.”  Paulina Binkowska

“Professional, no stress.”  Magda Konopacka



"Karen is amazing! After a couple of sessions with her I am closer to reaching my goals, more than I have ever been. I now have a clear idea of what I must do to reach them. I highly recommend working with Karen. She will change your life!"  Lola Onafuye of AgentHouse



Testimonials from junior doctors attending the NHS Values Training Workshops held in NHS Hospitals in the North West

Useful insight into NHS Values and how they can be reflected upon by using real life complaints.”

 “Cases helpful way of understanding the values and ways to improve.”

“Trainer was very good.”

 “Useful session to reflect on how we can improve our own practice.”

 “Well facilitated workshop.”

 “Thank you for a great session.”

“Good afternoon – good awareness of patient’s experiences and how values have not been met.”

 “Very good session.”

Good use of real complaints and discussion.”

“The overall session was very helpful and useful.”

 “It makes you reflect on your own clinical practise and the way you treat patients.”

 “Enjoyable session.”

“Good to learn the values and be able to apply them to a case.”

“Really lovely trainer who was approachable and made us feel at ease.”

Useful session to reinforce the values of the NHS.”

“Enthusiastic presenter/trainer.”

The NHS Values Training workshops were delivered to junior doctors in North West hospitals including:

  •     University Hospital South Manchester
  •     North Manchester General Hospital
  •     Royal Bolton Hospital
  •     Royal Oldham Hospital
  •     LTHT/Tameside General Hospital
  •     LTHT/Royal Preston Hospital
  •     Stockport/Stepping Hill
  •     Royal Lancaster Infirmary
  •     Wigan Infirmary

Working together in groups attendees discussed the NHS Values and reflected on how they can be used to improve their own clinical practice.


Achieving Business Goals/Gaining Clarity - for Business Owners & Directors

Julian Maurice Developments Ltd
“Working with Karen not only changed my mindset, it helped me assess my priorities both in business and in life.  The first session was like a switch being turned on – I suddenly realised why I’m doing what I do.  In just 4 months I’ve over-achieved on my goals in every aspect of my life not just work.  If you really want to know how Karen turbo charged not just my business, but my life, ring me on 07939 540364."    
Julian Maurice

"Karen is amazing! After a couple of sessions with her I am closer to reaching my goals, more than I have ever been. I now have a clear idea of what I must do to reach them. I highly recommend working with Karen. She will change your life!"  Lola Onafuye 

Crestline Printers Ltd
"Having previously been sceptical about ever using a consultant or advisor in any capacity, I was delighted with the results of my very first session with Karen.  She enabled me to find my own answers to important personal development questions within my own business.  Then, measuring and fine tuning short and long term goals to keep me on track. It was and is, a revelation to me.  Karen has allowed me to understand where I want to go and how to prioritise the order of events that need to happen to ensure I achieve what I want. I've had 3 sessions and am acting upon what we discussed and look forward to more sessions in a few months’ time.  100% money well invested, so for any other sceptics out there, take the leap of faith - you won't regret it."  
James Turner, Sales Director

"I first met Karen Chambers at a local networking event but had already heard from a number of people that she may be able to assist me in achieving certain goals, which for me, were business orientated.  We worked on a one to one basis analysing my business goals and the perceived barriers to overcome which were primarily time management and delegation.  Karen's analytical style and coaching methods allowed me to prioritise and focus on tasks that would work ultimately towards theses goals.  The result allowed me to employ additional people in key positions to develop more time for me to work more effectively, which in turn has enabled me to develop other specialisms within the business and ultimately lead to more clients and opportunities.  I can heartily recommend Karen's expertise and look forward to being able to work with her again in the future."  James Turner, Sales Director

Mulberry Square
"I attended a series of one to one personal coaching sessions with Karen Chambers of KC Coaching during the Spring of 2012. At the outset I had no clear idea of what I wanted to gain from them however Karen was able help me identify very quickly using some simple yet clever techniques that I had lost much of the balance I need between my business and personal life. This imbalance unwittingly meant that I was wrapping myself up so deeply within the business that I wasn't able to gain a clear picture of, without prejudice, the direction the business was taking and most importantly the direction my staff were taking me.  With Karen’s support I was able to get a better grip of my working practices and it set me on a road to an initial rationalization of much business and a renewal that has eventually lead to our company growing to the largest it has ever been in terms of the numbers of staff we employ.  As for my reasons for employing Karen - it is a simple one really. I have had a business mentor before and because of the type of character I am I was able to recognize that I just wouldn't respond to a tub thumping type in the right way. I have no shortage of drive. What I really needed was a coach who was a thinker - one that would help me go below the surface and help me discover and consider the factors that motivate and drive me.  I would certainly recommend Karen and often do. For me, Karen can really make a difference to those who need help to take a step back to gain a clear picture of their business, who want their business to grow and aren't afraid to ask."  Craig Johnstone, Managing Director 

Anna Hart Property Consultancy
"Karen has been my coach for 8 months, and I wouldn’t be in the focussed professional position I am in now without her insightful, unflappable “get-right-to-the-real-issue” guidance. When I decided I needed help, I was in a really low point coming up to my second anniversary of being self-employed, and I couldn’t really afford extra overheads. But I’d realised that if I didn’t get help, and get serious help that is worth paying for, then I wouldn’t be in business much longer. Richard Branson doesn’t do it all alone, so why would I be able to?! I could either eke out my capital for a few months, or spend some of it on coaching and vastly improve my chances of surviving past those few months. I’m very much still here.  Karen and I set up weekly phone coaching sessions, the content of which was flexible to react to what had happened that week, or what Karen or I felt I needed to address. At first, we worked on identifying and prioritising the existing tasks I already had, working out how to make sure my clients were taken care of but still carving out regular time for me to focus on where I wanted my business to go. I was wasting so much time, thinking there was no time for anything else but not realising that it was all just busy-work and not very productive at all.  If I hadn’t taken the plunge and freed up a measly hour a week, I would have carried on spending all my time rushing about doing work that a) wasn’t paying me very well and b) wasn’t actually the work I enjoyed doing! I had clients, but they weren’t the right ones! Weekly time out with Karen enabled me to step back and re-assess what was happening, giving me the ability to make small changes and keep myself on the track I wanted without going too far down the wrong path. Heck, I didn’t even know what was the wrong path before Karen started coaching me!  As I progressed and made some big decisions about where I wanted my business to head, we started looking at much bigger goals and how I need to structure my annual, monthly, weekly and even daily tasks to stand the best chance of achieving my 10-year goals. Do you have a 10-year goal? If you don’t, then trust me, you need one – ask Karen to send you the task and you’ll be amazed at what you end up with. It’s emotional.  And if you do have a big goal but you’re not sure how you’re going to achieve it, then investing in Karen to coach you is the first step. I’m going to be financially free by the time I’m 43 – sounds good huh?! And yes, I know exactly what I need to do over the next 10 years to achieve that. Thanks Karen, see you at the top."  Anna Hart

BBC Radio
“Karen rocks!! I had a few sessions with her and things started to move in the right direction...very quickly. I am now doing what I love to do and getting paid a great salary. Thank you Karen - you are a brilliant coach.”  Hannah Patterson, Presenter 

“Karen's coaching sessions have been gold dust for me. We are working on setting up my own business, making progress where I would normally have stumbled and stalled. I wanted her to help me with action planning, which she has, and so much more. She has supported me by pinning these actions to beliefs and values and has gently challenged my thinking and championed my achievements, creating long lasting change and progress.  I cannot put a value on the work we are doing together.  Karen coaches with kindness and intelligent clarity, a wonderful resource for anyone setting up their own business, or wanting more out of their choices.  It is the best investment I could have made.”  Lucy Hare, Musician

"Working with Karen enabled me to really get cracking on my business.  The first thing she got me to look at was actually having some business goals for 2012, something I’d thought about but not actually done (and probably wouldn’t have if not prompted). Karen helped me to write an action plan and a set of short-term targets to help on this.  As a result 2012 was a record year for my business because I had a clearer idea of where I was going and some of the things that I needed to do.  Karen was the first coach I’d ever used since I’d always been quite sceptical about the benefits that a coach could bring to someone who is self-employed.  But she put her offer in such a way that it was almost a no-brainer. So I put my cynicism aside and gave coaching a whirl.  On reflection, I wish I’d had coaching years ago but Karen was an absolute boon in that she helped me to identify many areas where I was ineffective and could work on improving.  Overall Karen helped me to realise that without goals and targets I was only ever going to coast along in my business.  It became obvious very quickly that I was not directing my efforts but wandering along hoping things would improve.  So, armed with an action plan and a set of tactics to make things happen, I was able to work on things that moved my business forward.  Not only that but I’m still moving forward as a result of Karen’s coaching.  But Karen didn’t just help with a plan of action, she also helped me to give some thought to other areas where I wanted to develop. Now I’m constantly looking for opportunities for product and businesses development while being fully aware that new plans have to have targets and actions.  Since my coaching with Karen I’ve told loads of my business colleagues about how much she helped me and the excellent benefits of coaching."  Karl Craig-West, Director, Buswebs

Trident Design
“I had a coaching session with Karen recently. I found her to be very knowledgeable and easy to explain hurdles to. She worked through some simple exercises with me which did enable me to see how to take things to the next step.”  Adam Burrage, Sales Director

Team Coaching

Mulberry Square, Leicestershire

Review & Objectives Setting Workshops:

“Good opportunity for structured focus on the business, with Karen lending guidance where needed.”  Alexia Aston, Studio Manager

“This workshop was beneficial in helping me see where the business wishes to be and how I could help the business get there”.  Stephen Bennett

“I was lucky enough to be part of one of Karen's training sessions on the 13th of February 2013.  Having worked in very training rich companies before I have seen a lot of training, but none quite as well delivered and beneficial as Karen's.   I can honestly say I was 100% engaged in each activity and took a lot away from the session itself.  I would strongly recommend Karen to any company big or small, for any amount of staff to take some training, you won’t regret it.”  Tom Roberts, Customer Service Manager

KC Coaching Booster Workshops - Achieving Business Goals/Gaining Clarity/Motivation/Focus/Direction/Time Management/Prioritising Goals - (see Workshops and Events tab for next workshop)

“A really useful session with real benefits by leaving with set goals and deadlines.  Taking time out from business to look clearly at things and getting other people’s feedback is essential.”
Richard Eaton, AppWare Limited
“Very helpful for giving focus and clarity to my plans.”
John Dunwell, Community Communication Ltd 

“Great session for a start up like me, brought me back down to ground level! 

And has helped me re-evaluate my first Q end plan properly for the next.”

Paul Bulmer, Vanarama

"A great ‘process’ to focus your drive and thinking – work me up to several key areas that needed to change.  Very meaningful interaction with other participants.  Gives a clear, structured process for you to mentally and physically work through without the interferences of work/home life.”  
Julie Tunnicliffe

“A great workshop Karen, thanks.  I particularly appreciate the way you helped us develop action points pulling on all our skills and experience”.
Simon Duncan, Successability

“A very useful and relevant workshop.  It enabled me to identify areas in my business which could be improved to provide a better service to my clients.” 
Steve Long, Thomas Heald Ltd

“I spend most of my time helping other people to plan and market their businesses.  Karen helped me to help myself.”  David Emslie, Marketing Advice Ltd

“I considered this course to be extremely worthwhile by helping me to focus on aspects of my business that I need to improve and with deadlines to meet that should enable me to meet the objectives.” 
Robin Allan, Just Wills

“A very useful morning which brought clarity to a real business issue.”    
Paul Fileman, Transmentum             
“Really enjoyed Karen’s Booster Workshop – helped me to break down and come up with actions to resolve a long standing issue.” 
Craig Pearson, Progress (Leicester) Ltd

“I can honestly recommend Karen - she has a very calm and methodical approach and helps you pin down how to get to where you need to be and the steps to achieve your goal whatever it may be.  If you haven't connected with Karen yet, then I recommend you do as she is very sincere. Thank you Karen.”
Joanne Hilal, Owner of PA By The Day 

"Time is the scarcest resource of every business - Karen's workshop helps people use it far better."
Peter Mostyn, Peter Mostyn Ltd

"The Booster Workshop helped me to break a goal down into specific actions, making it seem much more real and achievable.  I'm more motivated and focusssed now!"
Anna Hart, Anna Hart Consultancy

"Good thoughtful workshop which will provide me with focus for my business."
Mike Robinson, First Action Safety

"Certainly helped to motivate me to drive my business forward."
Ras Limbachia, RNL Drainage Solutions

"As a sole trader it is a very useful ‘tool’ for updating and increasing motivation."
Debbie Ford, LighterLife Counsellor

"Helps greatly to focus/define and implement your main goal."
Nigel Mount, Mount Laboratories

"However busy you are it's always worth taking time out..... Karen helps you focus on what you need to do & the timescales required."
Kevin Parkinson, Financial Adviser, Approaching Retirement

"Karen is a great coach, the session was informative, educational and fun".
Karen Cureton, Cureton Consulting

Individual Coaching

Career Progression
"Karen has been excellent to work with.  Her coaching skills have highlighted several areas for me to develop and I have!  I am feeling more confident for my upcoming police promotion exam and much of this is down to the encouragement and help KC Coaching has provided."  
Chris Wharton

Via Twitter – 20 June 2011:  Just found out passed my inspector exam and came 42nd out of 837 in the country. #yippee#ospre#nomoreexamsever thanks @KarenKCcoaching !      Chris Wharton

“Karen has provided different types of career coaching at various times during time at AstraZeneca. She uses a structured approach and has helped me with dealing with excessive workload, understanding personal and career drivers, and reviewing my longer term goals. In particular Karen has a very personable approach to coaching and helps make any situation seem relaxed and productive.”
Fenton Baker, Global Portfolio Service Manager, AstraZeneca

Stress Management
“I recently attended a motivational drivers workshop run by Karen Chambers organised for a professional networking group I attend. Completing a questionnaire in advance enabled Karen to analyse my motivational drivers and report back. This has enabled me to learn more about why I behave as I do and the impact this has on others and myself. It was great to hear that there is an antidote to the behavioural styles which I have tried to put into practice. I was interested to discuss with others in the session how my primary driver was influenced by a close secondary driver which caused a problematic blend in terms of my sanity. I am now trying to feel less guilty when spending time relaxing and understand that striving for perfection is not always necessary.” 
Kate Hardy, Human Resources Manager in the People Directorate, The Hyde Group


“The values exercises have served to make me look at myself closely and actually do something about my lack of confidence and assertiveness, which sometimes affects my work. The sessions have made me realise that these are not really “problems” but small hurdles I need to overcome, and can overcome ... Sometimes all you need is someone to say you can do it in order to believe it yourself.”  
Ghazalah Khan, Service Manager, AstraZeneca
“Great listener and motivator, puts you at ease, talks through any issues with understanding and sets you on the right path. Karen's techniques provide you with a greater awareness to achieve your personal and business goals.” 
Ian Pickering, Director at Ian Pickering Photography
”The coaching sessions have helped to make me do something about issues I am facing at work. It is sometimes easy to get stuck in a rut and let things be, but being encouraged to think about what I want..... and then actually do something about it ..... has done a lot for my motivation.”  
Ghazalah Khan, Service Manager, AstraZeneca

“In a safe and comfortable environment, Karen drills down in to your personal and business circles, to explore the specific areas which they are made up of, and discover the areas you’re not happy with. Then in a very non-judgemental way, she gets you to come up with the solutions for those sections which you are not happy with. You then leave motivated to go out and make those changes, because they are your solutions! I would recommend anyone who feels that things aren’t quite as balanced as they should be to go and see Karen, she’ll soon have you back on track!”  
Sue Richardson, Financial Planner, Mint Wealth Management

"According to Einstein, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." As a coach Karen can help you to shift your thinking into that new perspective. With her professional yet personable approach she really can help you to make the changes you need to get your life on track. I can't recommend Karen enough”.     
Jo Davis, Project Support Associate, AstraZeneca 

“Karen is a tremendous person with top qualities making her a great personal and business coach. Karen opened my eyes to aspects of my personal and business life that I hadn't thought of and I openly recommend Karen to anyone. Thank you Karen!”     
Rohit Shukla, Director/Owner at Accounts Assist Leicester Ltd

Feeling more positive about the future
“I really enjoyed the coaching by phone.... and I enjoyed thinking about what life could be like ..... it has certainly brought back an excitement for the future that has not been there for a long time, it has also made me feel more positive about the future and the ability to relax into it whatever it may be.”  
DM, AstraZeneca

Self Awareness/Direction
"Life coaching opened doors I was barely pushing ajar for years.  Karen has been an amazing coach.  She has provided me with tools that allowed me to get a deep understanding of myself.  The success log has empowered me to build perspective on situations; my reactive behaviour is now a distant memory.  Life coaching has allowed me to know myself.  I know who I am; I am ready to be what I want.  My dream goal is within reach." 
AG, R&D, AstraZeneca
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