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KC Coaching's Booster Workshop - "How to Hit Your Targets" on Friday 19 October 2012
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"How to Hit Your Targets" – by focussing on the results you want so that you can.....

  • Save Time
  • Achieve More
  • Get Motivated

    and get the results you want. 
In this half day Booster Workshop you will practise coaching techniques to help you:
·         Get you focussing on the right areas for your business
·         Plan what you need to specifically do to hit your targets by the year end
·         Gain an extra boost to hit your business targets that’s personalised for you
·         Produce a task-by-task action plan for your next 3 months
Plus the chance to network over lunch with other local businesses.

REGISTER NOW to reserve your place

Date: Friday 19 October 2012

  Ulverscroft Manor, Priory Lane, Ulverscroft, Markfield, Leics LE67 9QB
Arrive at 9am for coffee/tea
Workshop 9.30am-12pm                   
12-1pm Buffet lunch included & opportunity to network
Book by 5pm Friday 12th October:
£79 + VAT (includes lunch & refreshments)
Book by 5pm Friday 21st September for early bird rate:
£49 + VAT (includes lunch & refreshments)

SPECIAL OFFER TO: Members of the GB Group or The Leicester Business Club I'm extending the early bird rate until 5 October.  Book using promo code GB or LBC.

REGISTER NOW to reserve your place

What previous attendees said.....
“Really enjoyed Karen’s Booster Workshop – helped me to break down and come up with actions to resolve a long standing issue.”      Craig Pearson, Progress (Leicester) Ltd
“A very useful morning which brought clarity to a real business issue.”     Paul Fileman, Transmentum             
"The Booster Workshop helped me to break a goal down into specific actions, making it seem much more real and achievable. I'm more motivated and focussed now!"  Anna Hart, Anna Hart Consultancy
“A good forum to reassess your priorities and to action.” Nigel Mount, Mount Laboratories
"Time is the scarcest resource of every business - Karen's Workshop helps people use it far better."  Peter Mostyn, Peter Mostyn Ltd
“Good thoughtful workshop which will provide me with focus for my business.” Mike Robinson, First Action Safety
“Karen provided me with focus and direction that I was unable to achieve by just thinking things through myself!” Janet Henson
"Karen is a great facilitator to get you thinking about how to move forward."  Philip Wort, CDG Financial Services Ltd
“However busy you are it’s always worth taking time out….. Karen helps you focus on what you need to do & the timescales required.” Kevin Parkinson, Financial Adviser, Approaching Retirement
In this series of workshops, run by Karen Chambers, you will learn and practise coaching techniques from various psychological fields such as NLP and Transactional Analysis.
Book by 5pm Friday 12th October:
£79 + VAT (includes lunch & refreshments)
Book by 5pm Friday 21st September for early bird rate:
£49 + VAT (includes lunch & refreshments)

SPECIAL OFFER TO:  Members of the GB Group or The Business Club I'm extending the early bird rate until 5 October.
So if you or a member of your team need a bit of a boost, more focus for achieving what’s important for the success of your business, or just a kick-start to regain your motivation,  REGISTER NOW to attend the next KC Coaching Booster Workshop.
Karen also delivers similar workshops in house so click here to arrange a free consultation to discuss your business needs.
Click Here to view my videos on KC-TV.
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