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We help Coaches and Coach Managers gain Clarity with their Clients and win more clients with the Clarity Cards©

Upcoming events:

Our next one-day "Clarity Cards© Training Event" for Coaches and HR & Training Managers will be held on Thursday 7th June 2019.  See link to book your place (some Early Bird tickets are available).

Want to know more:

See our 40 minute webinar "How to Gain more Coaching Clients" for Coaches, HR and Training Managers to see how the Clarity Cards© are helping coaches attract business.  

What coaches are saying about the Clarity Cards....

"Hello, I’ve just been on this amazing training course with KC Coaching, and Karen has been showing us how to use the Clarity Cards© which are a fantastic resource for any coach, whether they are working with individuals or in teams. 

The training day is brilliant because it shows you the basic way you can use the cards, but also the flexibility that you can bring in to it, so you can make it perfectly suitable both for the way that you work and your coachees. So I would highly recommend both her cards and the coaching programme."  Deborah Henry-Pollard, Creative Coach, Catching Fireworks

"I’ve had a brilliant day today with Karen looking at the Clarity Cards.  I had heard great things about it before I came up here today from other people who’ve already been using it.  I was really looking forward to finding out how it would help me with my clients, but also with getting the work in, that was the bit I was really interested in.

I feel I’ve gone away after a really jam packed and thoroughly enjoyable day with something absolutely practical that I can use, and I would recommend anyone find out about these.  I think they are really going to add something good to my business.  Thank you Karen."  Rebecca Winn, Trainer & Coach, Winnthinking People Development

"My name is Sarah Stirling.  I'm a qualified Executive and Personal Coach.  I have spent the day here with Karen on her study day, tutorial day, working day with the Clarity Cards.  Guys, all I can say is that they are a most fantastic tool for not only supporting the type of coaching that you might want to do with an individual or an organisation, but it absolutely nails, for the client, this clarity of what they want, and what they need.  It's incredibly visual, and hence powerful.  I would just say you've got to give them a go."  Sarah Stirling, Executive & Personal Coach, A Change of Tack 

"My name is David Levenson of Coaching Futures.  I coach executives and people going through career transitions.  The reason that I like KC Clarity Cards is that it will help me hone in and diagnose exactly what the client coaching needs are, whether we're talking about individuals or teams.  I would recommend any coach who wants to get to those answers as efficiently and quickly as possible to come on a training programme with Karen Chambers and learn more about KC Clarity Cards."  David Levenson, Executive coach/Career Strategy coach, Coaching Futures

“Karen’s Clarity Cards are excellent.  The accompanying workshop is highly practical and empowering.” Joanna Gaudoin – MD of Inside Out Image

“I love these cards.  A useful tool for not only coaching clients, but to sell coaching into organisations. Thank you.”  Rebecca Winn – Trainer/Coach, Winnthinking People Development

“The Clarity Cards are a versatile tool that can quickly surface issues in a fun and engaging way.”  Colin Newlyn – Founder, After the Mothership

“Karen’s workshop and Clarity Cards are such useful tools for both coaching and winning business as a coach.”  Andy Hunt – Owner & Principal Coach, Leading Identity

“These cards are an excellent tool and the training session was incredibly useful to get to learn all the ways they can be used.”  Deborah Henry-Pollard – Coach/Author, Catching Fireworks

“The Clarity Cards provide a great framework for helping clients get to the root of their issues and stay focussed.”  Rachel Jenkins – Programme Director, RedKing

“The clarity cards are perfect for helping clients identify key words that identify coaching needs.  I will be using these for all future initial coaching sessions.” 
Angela Mays, HR Consultant and Performance Coach, AMays HR

“A fabulous event to provide an additional tool to use.”  Reg Goslin, Personal Coach, Improving Performance

“Very useful, an added tool.”  Susie Flashman-Jarvis, The Bespoke Coach

If you would like to reserve a space on one of our training day events (currently being held in London & Kent) please 
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