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A is for “Achieve Your Dream"
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A is for "Achieve Your Dream"

This is how I achieved one of mine....

I sit writing this in a café near where I now live in the South East looking out to sea.  There’s a clear blue sky, and the sunshine is reflecting off the backs of the white beach huts sitting in rows alongside the bandstand.

I have come full circle and achieved one of my biggest dreams – to live by the sea again.

Growing up in Portsmouth I was used to family days out at one of the local beaches, either at Southsea or Hayling Island.  To be able to take a short walk from my home to the beach is a dream come true.

In my 20s I moved to the East Midlands for work and stayed longer than I expected.  After trying different careers and seeking careers advice I went to University in my 30s and left with a Computing and Management degree.  I loved my time at Loughborough University, and my placement year at AstraZeneca meant they offered me a permanent role.  AstraZeneca is where I met my husband, who is also from the South.

Around this time I was completing my coaching qualification and in 2005 gained a Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching.  One of the many techniques we learnt on the course was to produce a “10 Year Letter”.  This is a letter you hand write to someone as though you were writing it in the future, dating it ten years from now.  You imagine you are writing it to someone you haven’t seen in those 10 years and you are letting them know what you’ve been doing.

You put in as much detail as you can, such as places you’ve lived, and visited, family events, hobbies you’ve taken up, what you have achieved in your business or career, relationships, children, family, major decision you’ve made.  You get the idea.  It’s important to add dates to each area you write about.  I practised this technique with my husband Frank, and we came up with our joint 10 year letter.  One of the things we both wanted was to move back to the South.  We wrote this in the letter and added that we would do this by 2015.  At the time, in 2005 it did seem such a distant dream.

Then we put the letter away and got on with our lives:

·         We got married

·         I started coaching full time

·         Frank was made redundant and started a job in North Yorkshire so we moved there for a couple of years (“that’s not South”, I said).

·         Frank applied for and got a job in Kent (“that’s OK it’s South”)

·         We packed up to move again (“the South here we come”)

It was when we were packing up to move from Knaresborough to Deal, I came across our original 10 year letter that we had completely forgotten about.

We noticed the date that we had written down ten years ago – to move south by 2015.  We couldn’t believe it!  We moved to Kent on 8 December 2014 - we had succeeded by 3 weeks!

I have used this technique with clients and many times on myself.  Clients have let me know when their “dreams” in their ten year letters have come true. 

These have ranged from:

·         Buying their dream car 6 months earlier than expected

·         Finding their ideal partner

·         Building a successful business

·         Changing their business model to bring in more revenue


·         If you want something to happen, write it down with the date you want it to happen by

·         Share your dream with someone

·         Your mind is now attuned to the opportunities in front of you

·         You’re more likely to take heed of these opportunities particularly if it leads you to “achieve your dream”.

If you’d like to learn more, then contact me or visit my website

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10 Year Letter
November, 2018
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