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Business Coaches, HR Managers, and Training Professionals:  our latest webinar on "How to Gain More Coaching Clients and Identify Training Needs" using the Clarity Cards©

Coaches & Coach Managers:  watch our latest webinar on "How to gain More Coaching Clients" using the Clarity 

KC Clarity Cards© webinar "How to gain more coaching clients" 

Karen Chambers, a qualified Business and Personal Coach, is available for individual sessions or team coaching workshops throughout the South East and London (and worldwide via Skype or Zoom).  Workshops can be held on your premises or at a suitable venue.  Please contact Karen for a free informal chat if you would like help with:

Focus and Direction
"Having previously been sceptical about ever using a consultant or advisor in any capacity, I was delighted with the results of my very first session with Karen."

Setting personal & business objectives "Karen opened my eyes to aspects of my personal and business life that I hadn't thought of and I openly recommend Karen to anyone."

Finding strategies to achieve results "...Karen's techniques provide you with a greater awareness to achieve your personal and business goals.” "...did enable me to see how to take things to the next step.”

Work/Life Balance "I would recommend anyone who feels that things aren’t quite as balanced as they should be to go and see Karen, she’ll soon have you back on track!”

Time Management “Time is the scarcest resource of every business – Karen’s workshop helps people use it far better.”

Focus/Achievable Goals “The Booster Workshop helped me to break a goal down into specific actions, making it seem much more real and achievable. I’m more motivated and focussed now!”

“Certainly helped to motivate me to drive my business forward.”

Career coaching "I had a few sessions with her and things started to move in the right direction...very quickly."

Career progression "Her coaching skills have highlighted several areas for me to develop and I have! I am feeling more confident for my upcoming police promotion exam......"

New direction in Life/Career "...opened doors I was barely pushing ajar for dream goal is within reach."

Self-Awareness  "...enabled me to learn more about why I behave as I do and the impact this has on others and myself."

Confidence and Self-Belief  "These sessions made me realise that these are not really "problems" but small hurdles....I can overcome..."

Motivation  "You then leave motivated to go out and make those changes, because they are your solutions!"

Self-Assertion  "....helped me make me do something about issues I am facing at work...."

Dealing with Change e.g. organisational change

Phobias e.g. public speaking, using the telephone, balloons, heights, driving.

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What happens in an individual coaching session:  
  • A confidential 90 minute session totally dedicated to you and what you are wanting to achieve.
  • Whether it is a business, career or personal challenge you set the agenda.
  • Using my skills and techniques as a coach we will have a "structured conversation" giving you the opportunity to explore your options, ideas, resources and to find your own solutions.
  • You will leave the session with a better idea or perspective of what it is you want to achieve, why you want to achieve it, and with the motivation to take your next step.
I am based in Kent for face to face sessions, and use Skype and Zoom for UK and overseas.

Call Karen today for a FREE consultation on 07985 081680 or email to find strategies to move your business, career or personal life forward.

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